Deceptive titles, the kind of infection that comes with being an online journalist, I guess. Last night (read: today at 3am) I’m still sitting in the HQ and my iris is playing in at least three different colours and one of them looks like a girl lost in Berlin, the other is the color of experimental chemicals mixed in homemade plastic trays and the wind’s blowing like a cheap Asian hooker on crack, mostly because I learned how to deliver heavy weather in my room. Which is awesome, by the way.

And I’m watching The Cube series in random order, re-cut and the whole movie’s perspiring and it’s really creeping-crawling for a fourth version and I’m really, really digging up every Milgram-related crap that I find (and it turns out that I started writing up a psycho drama that’s very milgramish and has at least ten pounds of fetish per character) and then I come with a TV play from 1969 on the verge of British absurd that’s called THE CUBE, directed by none other than Jim Henson (the Muppet Show fame, the same) and it’s about a man who finds himself in a cube that he cannot leave unless he finds “his own door”, whereas various characters enter and leave the scene on their own will. And it’s on Google Video and it’s very, very free. Enjoy the treat.