Although Beardyman, UK’s premiere beatboxer is definitely not someone to be taken for a cyberpunk (oh my god, no), the very concept he’s showing off at the 2008 Beatboxer Convention with a Kaoss Pad surely is a progressive trait in today’s party culture. I remember talking to Mr. Rage Incarnate Alec “Atari Teenage Riot” Empire last year in Berlin and what he said was today’s party culture in all its glory is nothing but a piece of horseshit. You visit a party and what you hear in the first five minutes will haunt you for the rest of the night. And then he invited us over to check out the eeriely beautiful performance art of Zan Lyons (distorted violins, a PowerMac and a wallful of Blade Runner). So what you see in these two videos is something along those lines – take the basic beats, take the technology, take the human factor and combine them into something new. Party organizers. Reinvent your ideas about everything.