Diablo 2 and its expansion pack was the first game I ever bought for money. (I’m a fucking liar, Might and Magic V, the French cyberpunk B.A.T. and some other mindless masturbations on floppy disks came earlier. But this was the first game I bought and then played a LOT. Compared to myself, at least.) And I might be buying a second set, just for backup.

The good thing is, it never really got boring. The gameplay – continuous looting and grinding, that becomes boring after a while and the labyrinth jungles were just a hassle. But the music, the whole atmosphere, it just got you going on. And no game, no game got ever close to this, not Titan Quest, not Sacred, not the other hack and slash games that got published throught the years and then died off in misery and solitude. (One coffee does that to your stylistic glands, you know.)

But now, it’s all butterflies, songs and brutal, virgin-raping hellfire. Blizzard has just announced Diablo III and following the news, it’s going to be full-3D, environment-interactive and as far as I know, the Barbarian and the Witch Hunter Doctor (thx, Korovjov!) are two classes to be featured. (Funny thing, on one of the forums there was this guy who wrote my friend works for Blizzard so I payed him a dinner and asked him to tell me everything. And basically the guy told him what we know now and obviously noone believed him before :D) Now that’s some awesome news for today, just to start a terrific Saturday :)