After unsuccessfully coping with the proper recital of a tale of tribal girls killed, raped and then killed again by stone tree giants and shaven mud monkeys (and then casting them into napalm bath tubs), I’m back with some cyberpunk book generosity. If you all followed Twitter, you probably know if I have less time to update and even if I have time, it’s pretty hard doing it in 35Celsius, when the best thing my brain is capable of is trying to find its way out my ears. And I haven’t taken anything yet, god, no.

So you will receive a brief linkbox now, because my frontal lobes are screaming with caffeine overdose and I’m repeatedly trying to smash the new Baal CD in my mouth. Which makes a lovely picture, and Dead Rock Enemy is quite a hymn to clean out the epic monster lair, by the way.

Mermaid song.

BOOKS: Seeds of Change (Near-future paradigm shifts in everything from race relations (in Ted Kosmatka’s vivid and moving “N-Words,” where cloned Neanderthals encounter violent hatred from Homo sapiens) to the morality of uploaded consciousness (in Blake Charlton’s clumsy but charming “Endosymbiont”), with varying success) via io9, amazon link [xxx] In The Garden of Iden (fantastic novel about time-traveling cyborgs who work for the 24th century Company) via io9, downloadable bookin pdf