A couple of pictures here from my Brussels trip earlier this week, because I’m too lazy to write a complete rundown of the things seen there. If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you might already know about a few details. More groups of pictures coming up in the following days.

Saeko Sato of Epson, showing off the e-paper prototype. (For Hungarian readers: I’ve covered this earlier on.) It’s ultra-light, ultra-thin, good to read and an amazing thing to hold. (Similar to the iPhone. You ditch it until the moment you can hold it in your hands, then, snap, zeitgeist.) The thing I haven’t taken a photo of is a wireless phone charger that does the whole charging thing in two hours, obviously you need a special kind of phone for that (and you also have a safety mechanism that kills the induction). The e-paper won’t be seen on the shelves in four days, whereas the charger will be on the market in Japan in 2009. I managed to ask the developers whether they are contracted with two certain Japanese phone companies, their laughter and reactions said I hit bullseye with at least one telco. No names, but you can figure it out for yourselves.

That’s a very bad piece of ego trip. That’s also for Salander, who says he can’t imagine me wearing anything elegant. He probably doesn’t know it was all black, which covers up the whole act of not being in urban camo.

That’s a pic taken inside the European Parliament. I don’t know what this statue is (what I believe is symbolizing the member countries), because I was too busy asking around about the photo policy. Too bad I didn’t do a few shots at the hemicycle, anyways, seeing the rows of translator cabins was amazing.

The European Parliament, again, from a very, very bad angle. And it was raining. With no extra set of clothes, no umbrella and a Leopold Park that was littered surprisingly well, even by the Budapest standards.

That’s the Atomium, a fucking huge monument built for the ’58 Brussels World’s Fair. Lots of interior pics as well, but that’s coming up later.

A level 5 Dungeon Runners viking. It’s still raining, but now I have an amazingly unstylish and silver Atomium umbrella and I’m getting soaked under it because I’m trying to make good photos with one hand with a compact camera that’s doing the evil grip fu to slip away from my hands. We’re in the Mini Europe theme park just beside the Atomium, by the way. (And it’s raining.)

Neon decoration somewhere at the Zaventem Airport, classic wireframe matrix style. (More to come later on.)