Something close to [another étape of Hungarian cyberpunk] is coming along. Marvin, an active member of the LD50 community (which is, if you’re a new visitor here or something, the definitive Hungarian community portal for people with alternative minds and tastes for music and stuff) has his book of short stories published after a loooong time: entitled Külső gyermek (or Outer Child).

If you’re English, please be aware – his Hungarian takes a huge effort to translate into English, it’s not just ironic and gritty, it’s dense and has a few layers that are very hard to decode even for us, who’re into the same kind of stuff that he is. (Except for RPGs, of which he’s a massive fan. We’re not that much.) Book design made by me and if there is a god (or something close to it), it’ll make me redesign this into one fancy piece of art.

Here’s the original Hungarian press material and the thread of comments on