We are the ELECTRONIC MINDS, a group of free-minded rebels. Cyberpunks.
We live in Cyberspace, we are everywhere, we know no boundaries.
This is our manifest. The Cyberpunks’ Manifest.

Just came across another manifesto, one written by Christian As. Kirtchev, originally dated to February 14, 1997, reposted a couple of days ago. You can find the original version here and although it really feels outdated at certain points, you’ll so enjoy it when the flavour really kicks in. Get this wisdom.

10/ Every man will be dependent on the net. 11/ The whole information will be there, locked in the abysses of zeros and ones. 12/ Who controls the net, controls the information. 13/ We will live in a mixture of past and present. 14/ The bad come from the man, and the good comes from technology. 15/ The net will control the little man, and we will control the net. 16/ For is you do not control, you will be controlled. 17/ The Information is POWER!

Rioting is so much fun, being nine years old. (You get the quotation source page-perfect, I owe you a beer.)