Twitch sez:
Ben Hibon (Blinkink)’s Goldene Nica-winner post-apocalyptic ass-kicking piece of glorious animation called Codehunters goes full-length from its original nine minutes. (Register on the original CH site to get extra wallpapers, graphic content and downloads and while you’re at it, read CGSociety’s feature as well.)

The”big”Codehunters movie is planned to be a live-action one with producers Steve Barnett (300) and Roy Lee (The Ring), screen writer Kyle Ward (Fiasco Heights) and Ben Hibon, the director of the short movie you can check in the YouTube embed above. “A lone man with the ability to manipulate DNA directly”, says Twitch. This meme done in animé – awesome. Do it in live action, and it sounds very much like The Gene Generation to me.