Sydney-based cyberpunk duo ANGELSPIT has a new take on blipverts. If blipverts mean anything to you, you probably are old and weary, as they were first introduced to science fiction fans back in 1987 in the series Max Headroom. Max Headroom was the first British (and as far as I know, also world-first) cyberpunk TV series about a reporter named Edison Carter. Carter works for a network called Channel 23 and he gets into trouble while uncovering things his bosses would like to keep in the private. One of these scandals is about the blipvert, a hi-speed visual medium that condenses advertisements into a few seconds, thus effectively killing people with the overload.

In the past 20 years anything in the ad scene that got related to or was called a blipvert was basically a brief advertisement, sometimes laced with subliminal effects. Wikipedia has more to say about that, check out Richi Jennings and the image-based spams with subliminal BUY BUY BUY messages.

As for what Angelspit sez: the cult movie Max Headroom used the term ‘Blipvert’ to describe a short and intense information-packed video that would make people explode. We are hoping ours will do the same. Angelspit Blipverts are designed to inform and inspire people to get active and be creative!
Only three YouTube videos (How to Write Lyrics, Songwriting, Destroying Bass) are available at the moment – if you dig tongue-in-cheek commentaries and love your mind being expanded (although these videos work much better for a younger audience), you gotta so love this. Max respect for Zoog & DestroyX.