There’s a slim chance that if you’re reading this, you’re aware of eurobeat. If not, think italodisco with high-pitch sawtooth synth leads and lyrics based on the word inventory of a lowrider fansite link deposit. Eurobeat’s practically produced for Japan by European (mostly Italian) labels, so whenever my quasi-musician acquaintances need instant gratification (or divine assistance), I tell them to go to Napoli with a laptop and a new copy of Reason to establish a flourishing but equally shallow career (gnyah!).

Now, apparently, life has just reverse-engineered the concept. Shanadoo is a Japanese girl group who’re produced in Germany and what’s worse, the great majority of their tracks is based on E-Rotic, an otherwise terribly bad eurodance group back in the nineties (if you remember max don’t have sex with your ex and sex on the phone, that’s them). Thankfully, most of the lyrics are rewritten into nihongo but even that and the gothier/kinkier outfit for the 2007 album The Symbol cannot really save these girls from utter failure (teens love them, though. PD doesn’t). They have shitloads of videos on YouTube and honestly, there’s not even one I would have the stomach to embed. Gomen ne.


To keep you interested in the unholy but otherwise sweet sin of eurobeat, check the youtube below, that’s the Italian interview with Nuage, ex-bellissima and vocalist of Dawe Rodgers (mega producer of the genre) with some live footage from the Rodgers HQ, sweet!