Jerome Olivier decently kicks fellow movie-makers in the teeth with his fotomation, the technique that enables him to create a 24-minz movie out of HD stills. (Think Broken Saints, done really properly.) The whole movie in high-def is freely downloadable off the original page, so you’re all better off if you download the zips and start watching right away.

Because that’s where things get really confusing. If you’ve done your primer in sci-fi, you’ll know time travel (which the whole movie is about) is inherently bad and involves fucking your parents, dedicated savants are known for not maintaining social relations and there’s gotta be at least one traitor in a movie. You have all these. With the sweet addition of butoh dancer group Dairakudakan (they’re the time-traveling vampire Core security guys) and time travel gadets that look like steampunk dildos, your synapses can start shooting away. This is one of the best short movies in SF I’ve seen in a while, also one with too many cliches – so we end up giving it seven outta ten. (link)