cassha.jpgHigher Intellect (Warren Ellis pointed this out,, comprising like 200k text files on various subjects. Main link takes you to cyberpunk when perceived in the 80s/90s, shit before people realized the zeitgeist is already happening. Heaps of nostalgic value.)

Mundane vs Hard SF (a longer paper on SFdiplomat concerning Rucker and hard SF being the touchstone of scientific correctness. Please close your browser when it comes to Occam’s Razor. You will be brainwashed.)

The Big Book of Drugs for Cyberpunk 2020 (I’m not really a fan of cyberpunk2k20, but anything that rings its nootropic bells is thumbs up for me. INT-boosters, aphrodisiacs, yes.)

European Orientalism in Futuristic Movies (originally kicking the dirt around Casshern, a few readworthy comments)