bloodnet.gifMy sources tell me Jasper Bernes is now a minor household name in cyberpunk poetry. He also runs a blog on bs. Burt says that it’s the poetry the world of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash would include if that world could include really good poetry (and I’m not sure it could). Snow Crash does include poetry, although it’s more like the updated twentieth-century version called lyrics. My best bet for cybepunk poetry still lurks in the depths of the previous-millennium era, in a PC game called Bloodnet – that would still be a treat for moviemakers or even series producers, for that matter, easily taking the best bits of Strange Days, Hellgate:London (it’s more like templars fighting vampires in lower Manhattan) and lots of street-gang bravado. The link for Bloodnet is here, quite unconveniently killed by an ESA notice. Lucky I bought it in a miserable RPG shop for something like four bucks. (Update: that was a hilariously bad way of finishing up this post. I am frustrated.)