HIMAWARI is art, is cyberpunk, is high-tech organic orgasm. Himawari is the Japanese Björk, the kind of electro-alternative that would-be art students love, the one that whispers about how emotions, tragedies, lies and hopes really work.If you remember how Björk sounded like around her Post-era with all the mangled brass lines, the eclectic layers, the dirty trip-hop work by Tricky – you all have it in Himawari, although it’s much more dense, tense and eager to explode.

Don’t look surprised. Lena and Takeshi Ichikawa live on the Tokyo-Detroit axis and it explains it all, the emptiness, the artistic freedom, the emphasis on technology – they’ve even been interviewed in High Tech Soul,a superb piece of documentary on Detroit techno. The editors love it so how about popping online and ordering that together with Pomposo, their new album?

And as for their website, we checked out their video gallery, then tore our hands off. Our designer friends did the same. It’s super artistic ownage and we respect them as our children from the future.

(from THE DOSE issue 2)