More Polish music videos, because some of you cannot physically cope with it, whereas I managed to induce something similar to a cultural addiction to weird shit I find. Go have a drink. First one is KALIBER 44‘s Normalnie O Tej Porze, Polish hiphop at its weirdest and best, a track we often played during the EstFM days (one of the cocksuckers there still owes me two complete months of salary, mental note made), second’s ELECTRIC RUDEBOYZ, a drum’n’bass liveact I just came across a couple of months ago – and I just found the third one at boingboing, that’s some weird-ass Bhangra music entitled Od Tarnobrzegu po Bangladesz by MASALA.

KALIBER 44 – Normalnie O Tej Porze


MASALA – Od Tarnobrzegu Po Bangladesz