fe_2007_augsculpture_001_s.jpgApproaching shock level. This year’s Ars Electronica in Linz teems with a load of weird, emotional and sensual Japanese technology, Christian technological inventions close to madness and quite a dozen of weird press people running around with their avatar names above their heads (transparent plastic is quite the method, I tell you). The town is splendid, otherwise, very intimate, the small alleyways and the cozy cafeterias almost make you feel like home. (Then you look out the window and see a beach modeled after one based in Second Life and its gets quite surreal.) Girls are gleaming and their coffee is quite a Hiroshima kind of assault.

Been checking out various exhibitions for seven hours now, the available DVD materials here are awesome beyond recognition. Day 1’s been awesome so far, a shitload of pictures taken, will start posting them tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow. Or when we get back. There’s no wifi at the guesthouse but we have lots of Austrian guys with bears and beers and noise. And then some more beer. This is slowly getting to me.) We almost crashed at the autobahn face front. Quite a memorable picture of a piece of machinery ass. Now we’re off to Second City at Marienstrasse.