mainesthai.jpgan almost completely forgotten side project for mentallo & the fixer. mainesthai, poor punk kids on mood suppressants and a severe dose of reality checks. (lyrics are as follows)

why . is smalltalk such a necessary evil . it’s very boring . and yet we can’t communicate without it . the weather, for instance . why are handshakes really necessary . defense mechanisms . so much time is wasted on things nobody really even cares about . fake laughter . fake orgasms . who cares . why are some things considered an insult while other things complementary . why is it that by the time you can afford the luxury you’re too old to be able to use it properly . one can waste an entire lifetime dwelling on life’s ironies as opposed to living them . it’s all quite maddening . is life more fun before tv when you actually had to be creative . how come people think philosophy’s something you learn from books and not something you think of yourself . and why is it that every time i turn around the exact person i didn’t want to see is standing there looking at me waiting in the expectation of the things i’m about to say but really don’t care about anyway