Between 2006 and 2010 I firmly believed fanzines are still a thing (I still do) – combining it with the frantic MySpace culture of that era I set myself to create something similar to the dark subcultural version of Lonely Planet – picking one city per issue, focusing on the most unique bits in terms of musicians and underground culture.

Those days are over but the magazine is still available on Scribd for you to read and to keep this project available somehow on the internets, please welcome all the embeds from Issue 00 to 03 (Budapest, Tokyo, London and Paris, respectively). It was fun while it lasted and although I raise my eyebrow quite a bit at a lot of design choices that I did, I do remember it helped a lot in connecting bands with fans and other bands alike.

Issue 00 – Budapest

Interviews: Angelspit, Ayria, Colt, Goteki, Leaether Strip

THE DOSE magazine – Issue 0… by on Scribd

Issue 01 – Tokyo

Interviews: Angelspit, Aural Vampire, BAAL, Blank, Blood, Colony 5, D’espairs Ray, DJ Coppertop, DJ Ram, DJ Sisen, Headscan, Kenzo Amishiro, KK Null, Kumimonster, Mentallo & The Fixer, Psydoll, RAS DVA, Róbert Odegnál, Servo.Hatred, Sunao Inami, Tankt, The Gene Generation (Pearry Teo), The Mercy Cage, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Xenophobe/NTX

THE DOSE, issue 1 (Tokyo) by on Scribd

Issue 02 – London

Interviews: Animal Alpha, Celldweller, Dark Soho, DJ Day-Már, Emilie Autumn, Freekstar, In Strict Confidence, Juno Reactor, Mick Mercer, Moth Complex, Neo, New Project, Pitchshifter, Protection, Siva Six, The Birthday Massacre, The Intrepid Fox, Torture Garden, Veqtor, Xynthetic

THE DOSE magazine – Issue 2… by on Scribd

Issue 03 – Paris

Interviews: Black Nail Cabaret, Blue Stahli, Clelia Altair, Dejobaan Games, Die Puppe, Foretaste, Lukas Zpira, Miss Kittin, Nohno/Kibuka, Punish Yourself, RJDJ, Scan X, Shiv-R

THE DOSE, issue 3 (Paris) by on Scribd