THOUSANDTH STREET: get a glimpse into Blade Runner done the French way

Tip your hat to P://D regular reader and contributor Riplakoidase who’s just sent me a great find: Montpellier-based special FX/3D company ArtFX hides a few gold nuggets in their reference pool, one of them being a short teaser entitled Thousandth Street. Wouldn’t necessarily call it a short film as it’s a situation without a solution… Keep Reading


POSTHUMAN: cyberpunk short, almost Aeon Flux

Colliculi Productions’ new cyberpunk short is a gorgeously cheeky melting pot with MTV Liquid Television (all the Aeon Flux ambiance, oldschool, obviously), Scooby Doo (far-fetched, maybe, but look at the protagonists in a team and try extrapolating to a darker, grittier feel of team dynamics in a dark and gritty world), Elfenlied (come on, that’s… Keep Reading


RUBIX: Folding Cities Like Origami Silk

“The aim of the rubix project was to develop an animation that described a conceptual tool for deploying these malleable virtual environments that could be used by their creators to shift space around us. The rubix concept stemmed from the need for an algorithmic formula for controlling the use of redirection techniques; it allows for… Keep Reading


Street Fighter Motion Sculptures (And Forms. And Toribash.)

The Irish art director used Cinema 4D and Vray to mimic the fighting moves of Street Fighter characters – specifically Ken, Chun Li, Ryu and Blanka – while turning their bodies into abstractions of colour and form. Each character is easily recognizable from these alone, but Dan the Ad Man focuses on the animation of… Keep Reading


TRACKS ON REPEAT: Chvrches – Lies

Funny to see how effectively did female-fronted pop electro kuangelevened its way into HQ. Crystal Castles, Grimes, The Good Natured (who’ve just most probably disbanded this week after announcing on Facebook that their label shelved their almost finished album and they can’t get their hands on the masters) – and now here’s a new formation… Keep Reading


AD CORNER: Satanic Furbies and Earth Juice Squeezers

I could quite easily inject myself with truth serum and tell you about my adventures to the center of this globe, the lemur midget porn (Cameron just flagged this, you’re welcome) and how I learned to love making concept bomb with an iris, but instead, I’ll give you not one but two commercials, both of… Keep Reading


DO IT YOURSELF: Amputee Prosthetic Leg Made With LEGO

Amazing idea. Made me think how you could achieve actually taking it out for a walk and not having it snap right off (yes Cult reference get over it) after a step – that’s where K’NEX or 3D printing comes in. I don’t give a damn about flying cars, I want my home makers right… Keep Reading


MIX TO DOWNLOAD: Secret Thirteen #076 – KK NULL

Justinas Mikulskis of Secret Thirteen just sent me this mix for your edification and amusement, featuring none other than KK Null himself. (I remember seeing KK perform some ten years ago in Budapest and he stuck me right in the smack middle of catharsis, tinnitus and awe. Also: you might want to read the KK… Keep Reading


My Milestones after 20,000 scrobbles

Last.FM Milestones 1st track: (19 Sep 2007) Black Sun Empire – Future Frame 1000th track: (29 Jan 2008) Appleseed – Dive For You 2000th track: (10 Jul 2008) Charlotte Sometimes – Ex Girlfriend Syndrome 3000th track: (19 Oct 2008) The Birthday Massacre – I Think We’re Alone Now 4000th track: (18 Aug 2009) Blasted Mechanism… Keep Reading


SOUNDBITS: Voices From Possessed Children

This might serve as a good speech sample rip source for some of you, but that’s definitely not the creepiest. (And good luck recording anyone’s possessed voice and getting away with a ray of sunshine, while we’re at it.) If you want creepy and sinister, go hunt for number station recordings with child broadcasters –… Keep Reading


2013 Q1 & Q2: the planetdamage stats

I hesitated / before restarting P://D that bound my personality together. I’ll need a bit of time before laying down new foundations. Until neoconcrete solidifies, I thought visual reminders and summaries would work well. They come from the Foursquare Time Machine, Xefer, and Wolfram Alpha respectively. I’d appreciate behavioral pattern analysis softwares. Or jobs… Keep Reading


LINKBOX: Mid-June says hello

50 Great Examples of Data Visualization *** Ancient Egyptian Statue Caught Moving On Its Own *** An Interview with Comaduster *** Ghost Producing: What the EDM industry doesn’t want you to know *** Making Latex Clothing: Your Easy Guide to Make Your Own Latex Clothing *** Mysterious Voynich manuscript has ‘genuine message’ *** NASA Discovers… Keep Reading


WORK: Music Festival Collectible Card Game

I turned the whole European music festival season into a collectible card game. Next week I am playing Tetris with religions. Nah, seriously. Working with the hard data set from music community site Tastebuds, I came up with card designs for 16 European festivals (most of them UK-based, obviously) – focusing more on representing the… Keep Reading


E3: Mad Max Announce Trailer!

The first E3 trailer that made me laugh real hard. You don’t waste bullets on people you need to die, this ain’t Borderlands extraordinaire. Why isn’t this a Fallout mod? How will the IP be different? Mad Max comes sometime in 2014, being an open world scavenger game where players kill, hunt, scavenge and build… Keep Reading


E3: Watch Dogs `Exposed` & gameplay trailer

Remember Person of Interest-like open-world hacker/actioner Watch Dogs? That’s going to be the game I’m buying an Xbox One for. Still not sure whether I would want to be under more constant surveillance than usual, but it’s just oozing of the illusion of false freedom that I need to have. It was Rez HD that… Keep Reading


E3: Mirror’s Edge 2 gameplay trailer

DICE finished this year’s Electronic Arts E3 press conference with a trailer to the much-awaited Mirror’s Edge 2. The streamlined, clean and cheerfully flow-inducing parkour game comes with polished visuals, a soundtrack that sounds a lot like Lisa Miskovsky’s `Still Alive` (theme song for the first game) and an already heated debate about the representation… Keep Reading



While learning how to take photos like they curve bullets in Wanted (that, or I’ve finally managed to summon up spatial distortion demon fields that’ll appear attached to a new Instagram update), I incidentally turned 34. I never wanted to grow older than 25, to be honest, and when someone very much like an end-level… Keep Reading


BRAINFOOD: My Five Minutes Being A God (appears in Machete Girl 8)

Here’s my lead article from cyberpunk magazine Machete Girl issue 8 a.k.a. the cyber mage issue, on how technology and magick overlap. Read the first half of the magazine on Issuu – part 2 and PDF downloads coming soon! And now, drop the reality warp drinks, pills and basslines, the warfare for the new Zeitgeist… Keep Reading


CYBERPUNK: New Deus Ex game `The Fall` … for iOS

The Deus Ex universe just got a stillbirth. Oh wait, right. Political correctness. Sacrificing street grime on investor paychecks, the new Deus Ex game, elegantly demo’d in the video above looks very much like a highly interactive ad for James Swallow’s Icarus Effect. Signature yellow-and-brown, it is brazen in its looks, LEGO-like implants and its… Keep Reading

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