PREVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy

TL;DR: Javaslom, IMAX3D. Ha nekem volt időm megírni, neked is legyen elolvasni, részletezem dühös punk szóvirágokkal, hogy miért. Túlzófokig csúsztatott pozitív csalódás és értetlenség habzó elegye vagyok. Magyarázom.Mila Kunis nyári wachowskista szabadesésére, a Jupiter Ascendingre hegyeztük magunkat egész nyáron, a filmipar eltolta a randit jövő februárra, a lógó arcunk mellett ittmaradt Laurence Fishburne indie scifije,… Keep Reading


det schlecht fabriek

“CVs are very much like olives, opera, anal sex and the elusive mother-in-law: they’re the product of acquired taste.” I have a new book draft finished and sent out to a group of fierce pre-readers, hullo and everything, been a few months since I last posted anything – I’ve been thinking a lot. (A lot… Keep Reading


pd.LIFESIGN [2014 march]

straying not for the lesser sentiment of folly but for the greater sentiment of dereliction, someplace else this is a tree in the shape of hatred Three months of unevenly distributed focus is what happened. Sometimes I drank a coffee and then went out to the kitchen to make another one and I didn’t fully… Keep Reading


AD RIPOFF: blackphone / else mobile

Politically correct rephrasing would go for inspiration or idea osmosis but I’m sick to the guts with polcorrect even after a year of London. So, my friend Dawe_ (who happened to hand over the first draft translation of my debut book yesterday) sent me this video just a few minutes ago about an Android phone… Keep Reading


The big bad Planet://Damage post for 2013

Hi. Let’s recap. Day One of 2k13, North London. Circle of friends, merriment. Cold. Working for a startup that’s just like my old community site in Budapest, only that it’s ran and paid for by coders who believe real content is cats and a community is not forged by giving it time to fertilize itself… Keep Reading


DAMAGE REPORT: szindrómára stockholm

” Közmegegyezésre épülő hallucináció, melyet minden országban törvényes felhasználók milliárdjai tapasztalnak meg naponta, egészen a számtani alapfogalmakat tanuló gyermekekig… Az emberi világrendszer összes számítógépének tárolóiból származó adatok grafikus megjelenítése. Hihetetlen összetettség. Az elme nem-terébe nyújtózó fényvonalak, adatgalaxisok és adatcsillagzatok. Mint a távolodó városi fények…” (William Gibson: Neurománc) 0, HOMMAGE Eredetileg, tiszteletadásként is, csehtamásos-bereményis stílgyakban terítettem… Keep Reading


[PDHU] ilyen lesz az új regény

Annyit rebesgettem már fű alatt, hogy na két regény lesz jövőre, hogy ideje lenne már elárulni is valamit legalább az egyikről. Olyan lesz az egyik, mint ez a kép. p.o.n.t.o.s.a.n. PS: Igen, untam, hogy nem blogolok már magyarul, úgyhogy! Yeah. Expect more Hungarian posts. (English posts will keep you grounded here, though.) Keep Reading


pd.LIFESIGN [2013 november]

Two months since the last lifesign blip, so hi and everything. Got a few pictures for you from a Tuesday talk I held at an ELTE university event about “Future Shock by way of Toffler and Rushkoff interspersed with my overtly chaotic take on anything“. For those of you who’ve attended: that chain of associations… Keep Reading


ROBOCOP remake Second Trailer launches – finally has brains

Classic first-generation cyberpunk’s been having a mild comeback: the new episode of Deus Ex (best aspect: music), the relaunch of the Shadowrun universe, the remake of Total Recall (best aspect: music), the renewed plans for the movie adaptation of Neuromancer (no words from the four-minute trailer screened at the American Film Market 2013 event), the… Keep Reading


FIVE DROPS A DAY 10/15: zapped by teen angst

FIVE DROPS A DAY features five tracks from the past 24 hours that decided to rent some time there, gorgeously and joyously whoring themselves around for work, zoneruns or whatever else. Never avoid any situation when a track decides to whore itself (herself, himself, hirself) in your luminous brainmeat. Click on read more for the… Keep Reading



Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Bot & Dolly produced this work to serve as both an artistic statement and technical demonstration. It is the culmination of multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and… Keep Reading


planetdamage: lifesign, 2013 september

Relocated to Budapest last week, packages and bike arrived surprisingly intact (if you ever need BUD-LDN / LDN-BUD package transport, contact Meliza:London). Numerous project meetings, reading up on band biographies and UI design. Fighting procrastination and webfloating. Yes, this is a new word. Mostly listening to amazing new finds such as Youth Code, Cold Cave,… Keep Reading



Vestigial Data by neon shudder neon shudder is the project of jhm, an east coast us artist looking to express cyberpunk and electronic themes in their music. only in its infant stages, neon shudder is set to release the “” ep as of 1.31.13 via more info + music @ Monsieur JHM of… Keep Reading


planetdamage: lifesign, 2013 august

UPDATE: So yeah, it really might be 2013 and not 2012. That just explains the whole London limbo phenomenon in greater detail. Thanks, @honeymooncroon, appreciate the reality check :) Relocating to Budapest from London in… two days? Two weeks? It was great and eventful and eye-opening in loads of ways, met lovely and amazing people… Keep Reading


IDN V20N3: The Music Graphic Issue

When the music has to stop — or does it? Recorded music has always been packaged, from the very earliest days when wax cylinders came in cardboard tubes, and has therefore always involved designers. In the palmy days of vinyl LPs with sometimes stunning cover art and often erudite liner notes, the presentation was almost… Keep Reading


REMEMBER ME: Live Action Trailer

The latest Live Action trailer for Remember Me gives us a reflective and somber look into the final thoughts of Antoine, the Founder of Memorize, and shows Nilin being taken to the Bastille where she will wake at the beginning of the game. The postcard of cyberpunk adventure games, I guess. REMEMBER ME coloured the… Keep Reading


Goth Icons As Superheroes

Wow, this has been hiding in the Bookmarks folder for an amazingly long time. Originally appearing as Post-Punk/New Wave Icons As Superheroes on IO9.. missing Andrew Eldritch as Doctor Doom or Carl McCoy as Preacher… Keep Reading


BOOKMARKS FOR 2013-08-03: the world’s tallest slum, South African EDM, chemicals in rich people’s bodies & Second Reality

Welcome to the world’s tallest slum: poverty-ridden Venezuela’s Tower of David. Squatters took over this very unfinished 45-story skyscraper in the early 1990s, and they’ve been there ever since. The tower was originally intended to be a symbol of Caracas’ bright financial future, complete with a rooftop helipad, but construction stopped because of a banking… Keep Reading


AKIRA out of producer hell with Jaume Collet-Serra

Jaume Collet-Serra is in discussions to return to the “Akira” directors chair, signing on to helm Warner Bros. adaptation of the popular anime pic. The helmer left in early 2012 after production stalled. […] In early 2012, the studio shut down pre-production so that fixes could be made to the script, including tightening the budget… Keep Reading

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