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Do you know that painting that has a monstrous, green biotrain swooshing and screaming on its tracks straight into oblivion with the Pripyat wheel in the background? It is also stiff in all the wrong places and there’s an orgy in the background with people and things, I guess, but if I don’t remember well, it’s just glitch with a lot of flesh-coloured curves. Which is usually the definition for sex. Oh hello, by the way. I AM THAT TRAIN.

If I stopped writing here, it would be the best blogpost I’ve written in a long time and I’d call it Loco Electro and make a teeshirt about it with fluorescent ink and everything. Luckily for you, I have the tendency to push things down the entropy slope. So, promise: no promises about further projects, only masturbating with links pointing to final products. I just deleted half a paragraph with promises about further projects. Life is quite an endless mixture of translations, copywriting, infographics design, book writing and making more music, which makes it extremely hard to focus on one single thing and I could have learned this from any RPG in the 90’s that dual-class characters are the bane of class proficiency and triple-class characters are fodder. And as it happens, I’m desperately fighting to get better in graphic design AND music AND writing. I could play level 9000 intergalactic battles with anyone now who’d say specialization might be the best idea now. They’d be right, of course. That’s the worst part of it.

And I’m also asking questions, such as: why was Jupiter Ascending such a poorly written movie and why is Person of Interest still the best cyberpunk series left standing? And True Detective Season 2 really has an orgy scene, but does it feature tentacles? And when will I properly have the creative kick to finalize the first card game we’re working on? And why didn’t I know that Emmon released an album last year entitled Aon? Aaaand will I be happy when the new Ghost in the Shell movie comes out?

Board game nights are also a thing now and it’s mostly been Eldritch Horror that kept my crew mumbling for the past month or so, because fthagn. If you have some great ideas about gothic/horror/cyberpunk board/cardgames, especially ones that are not especially mainstream, I’d love to hear about them (and here’s a BGG profile for reference)! Still don’t know whether it would be a smart idea to settle for Android: Netrunner – it is the living epitome of the cyberpunk LCG but I simply don’t have the time for deckbuilding and the two-player limitation is not something I like working with.

And here’s a Youth Code live vid, because Sarah just turned 30 yesterday (HAPPY MEGA MENTAL BIRTHDAY, SARAH!) and I just can’t get enough of them. And that’s also the very first track, Keep Falling Apart that really pulled me in and never really let me go ever since.

Funny how it turns out that you guys are still reading this and are actually hungry for more. I know that many of you can’t actually contact me or life is a lot faster where you work and directly getting back at bloggers is just not something that you do in 2015 anymore, but hey, thanks for the feedback – it actually means a fucking lot to me. 2015 = VERY STRANGE, UNEVEN, UNBALANCED TIMES. Let’s make the best out of that.

Writer, journalist, creative. Had book on future scenarios and a New York Times-acclaimed script on the big screen. Insatiable love for weird stuff, Asian cuisine, pop/altcult, coffee, eyecandy, anything with a Scoville rate or a frequency. Makes music, too.

  • Zsolt

    Van egy Murder City-m, amit évek óta ki akarok próbálni. A disztopikus jövőben játszotok nyomozókat és bírókat egy személyben, nyomokat gyűjtötök és ítélkeztek, miközben a többi játékos a belső ellenőrzést is alakítja, szóval ha blöffölsz, rosszul jársz, de ha gyanusítgatja a becsületes nyomozót, akkor ő jár rosszul. Christopher Shy csinálta a grafikákat, ha ez mond valamit. Eléggé cp. :) https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/32495/murder-city

  • planetdamage

    Huhuhuhu, ez elég izgin hangzik, valamikor koccanhatnánk miatta majd! Milyen crewban/hol játszol? (Anduril, Compaya, BGCafé, otthon? :D) amúgy hangzásra kicsit az Androidra emlékeztet, azt próbáltad már?

  • Zsolt

    Androidból a kártyással játszottam egyszer, tetszett, de nagyon pénznyelőnek tűnt, nem vágtam bele. Otthon játszunk leginkább, de nem nagy, szóval ha van társaság, akkor át is vihetem, vagy mehetünk valami publik helyre.

  • planetdamage

    jaja, a másikra gondoltam (amiből SZLben még van is valami used version).. társaság van, idő viszont kevés, úgyhogy valamikorra hangoljuk össze szerintem 2-3 héten belül aztán akár zúzhatunk is :D thx!

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