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December 30, 2015 – 12:39 |

Hello, cyberpunks, rivetheads, industrial-and-experimental-lovers and weird-people. This blog was more or less a wasteland in 2k15 – content was posted on Facebook or Instagram with a lot of time idly spent in front of a keyboard trying to warp up THAT BEST BASSLINE. …

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Thoughts have certain sounds and they sound like electronica: minimal, IDM, hardstyle, hard soul d'n'b or intelligent industrial. Or far worse.


Hard-edge sci-fi movies, demoscene retina orgy, dailykawaii dolls, things to watch, all 3 A.M. eternal.


The loas of Papa Misc rule this land. All I work and all I rant and everything that doesn't fit anywhere else.


WASD and voxel zeitgeist for our angry urban brains. Mostly centered around casual and XBOX360.


Consumer sex objects from sixpacks of baby head energy drinks to steampunk watches and workstations of doom.

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LINKBOX: Mid-June says hello

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