PLANETDAMAGE S13E01: How Damage Report Is At The Moment

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Radio silence now officially over, I guess. This is Damage Von Rock and that word tapestry of ROCK above is the ebook cover of Damage Report, my debut book (paperback published in 2012 by publisher house Mangafan) – once again produced by my good friend Vera Moir√©. The downloadable version will be available in early March, unfortunately for English readers, only in Hungarian. The book itself is similar to an updated version of a Mondo 2000 New Edge Guide, only with more blood-and-cum-spitting gonzo. If you don’t speak Hungarian, I can’t blame you, it’s a tough bitch to learn, apparently. My second book – a novel – is in the works, it’s in English and no, it doesn’t have a publisher just yet.

Now go and watch Cult and Black Mirror.
Reporting back in when the stars look nice and I have a caffeine overdose.

The Damage

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