LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN: 2012 October’s bookmarked music finds

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With tracks by Nina Hagen & Adamski, Atari Teenage Riot feat. Iggy Pop, Hurts, Cylob, Teddy Sambuki, Kúra, Bahlzack, Manicanparty, Swedish House Mafia, Telepheriq Chamberlain, Coconaut, Charli XCX, Autonervous, MS MR, KAS Product, Cruel Machine, New Years Day, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Port-Royal, Geomatic, Sabbath Assembly, 156.

Writer, journalist, creative. Had book on future scenarios and a New York Times-acclaimed script on the big screen. Insatiable love for weird stuff, Asian cuisine, pop/altcult, coffee, eyecandy, anything with a Scoville rate or a frequency. Makes music, too.