damage’s razor coated candies 03: venus in ROCK

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A bit of a delay from Thursday means a longer razor coated candies, now the the third in its history – a collection of weird but absolutely enjoyable and mind-expanding tracks from the underground. Sorry if you’ve actually been expecting it yesterday – things are hectic in the HQ, will update the personal part later on sometime next week. Until that – enjoy this completely grrlpower broadcast from electro beats to dark triphop and some decent shredding as well. There’s the playlist – expect some experimentation with the add-ons and station ID-like things. This is a Dragontape. Live with it.


01. Delerium – Aria
02. Curve – Fait Accompli
03. Katzenjammer – A Bar in Amsterdam
04. Die So Fluid – Existential Baby
05. The Birthday Massacre – In the Dark
06. Birdeatsbaby – The Trouble
07. Emilie Autumn – Art of Suicide (live)
08. Switchblade Symphony – Clown
09. Kidneythieves – Taxi Cab Messiah
10. Client – Xerox Machine
11. Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains (live)
12. Pzychobitch – Pussy Gang
13. Android Lust – Stained
14. Hungry Lucy – Softly
15. Queen Adreena – Jolene
16. Jarboe – 1000 Years
17. Die Form – Phenomena of Visitation
18. Foretaste – Dying for the First Time in My Life
19. Lords of Acid – I Sit on Acid
20. Hanin Elias – Future Noir
21. Nic Endo – Man-Eater
22. Hanzel und Gretyl – SS Deathstar Supergalactik
23. MDFMK – Rabble Rouser
24. Björk -Army of Me
25. Ecstasy of St. Theresa – Neon
26. Colorfactory – Out of My Mind
27. Shakespeare’s Sister – Hello

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