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There was a whole week when we only communicated via haiku, all the guys on IRC on our secret channel, not so secret anymore, a handful of eager, vibrant bodies bursting with hormones, smartness or an unlucky combination of both, handful meaning something close to thirty people. There was even a saying if you cannot say it in seventeen syllables, it doesn’t exist. I know, because I made it up. And I still approve. And here’s this game now, Haiku Hero, giving you a chance to boost your haiku writing skills on the clock – be fast, be sure to include certain words or avoid certain letters – great stuff. Put in on a Chumby, port it to a damn Android app! (Haiku Hero, via indiegames.com)

Writer, journalist, creative. Had book on future scenarios and a New York Times-acclaimed script on the big screen. Insatiable love for weird stuff, Asian cuisine, pop/altcult, coffee, eyecandy, anything with a Scoville rate or a frequency. Makes music, too.