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planetdamage: the 22 most important albums of my life

Submitted by on August 30, 2010 – 23:05 6 Comments

This is a 22/31 and yet without any Tarot references, a slightly unprepared, yet a mundanely complete take on the current “what are your fifteen favourite albums” on Facebook. A bitch of a task, if you ask me. I had a hell of a lot more important albums and even a lot more significant ones, apparently these quizzes are not for those who consume music. But these are the first to come to mind. The next similar post will have Tarot references. Inside: a list and video embeds.

JEAN-MICHEL JARRE – Equinoxe (1978, Polydor, discogs entry)
FRONT 242 – Front by Front (1988, Red Rhino Europe, discogs entry)
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM – Elizium (1990, Beggars Banquet, discogs entry)
AMADINDA PERCUSSION GROUP – Performing Steve Reich (1990, Hungaroton Classic)
MEGADETH – Rust in Peace (1990, Capitol Records, discogs entry)
SKINNY PUPPY – Too Dark Park (1990, Capitol Records, discogs entry)
THE CURE – The 1985 European Tour (1990, Golden Stars, discogs entry)
FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY – Tactical Neural Implant (1992, Third Mind Records, discogs entry)
LEAETHER STRIP – Solitary Confinement (1992, Zoth Ommog, discogs entry)
MENTALLO & THE FIXER – Revelations 23 (1993, Zoth Ommog, discogs entry, legal download)
PETE NAMLOOK & MIXMASTER MORRIS – Dreamfish (1993, Fax +49-69/450464, discogs entry)
VA – Ruffneck Collection volume 1 (1993, Ruffneck Records, discogs entry)
THE FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON – Lifeforms (1994, Virgin, Virgin, discogs entry)
THE PRODIGY – Music for the Jilted Generation (1994, XL Recordings, discogs entry)
GENIUS/GZA – Liquid Swords (1995, Geffen Records, discogs entry)
JUNO REACTOR – Beyond the Infinite (1995, Blue Room Released, discogs entry)
TOSHINORI KONDO & DJ KRUSH – Ki-Oku (1996, Sony Music Japan, discogs entry)
VA – Hackers OST (1996, Edel America Records, discogs entry)
VA – The Chakra Journey (1996, Return to the Source, discogs entry)
BLÜMCHEN – Verliebt… (1997, Control, discogs entry)
FLUKE – Risotto (1997, Virgin Music, discogs entry)
DIR EN GREY – Gauze (1999, Free-will, discogs entry)

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  • http://sirubia.net Via

    DIR EN GREY, te jó ég, évezredek óta nem hallgattam, pedig mennyire jó :)

  • http://tuzfeszek.freeblog.hu oizys

    nice list! i second the jilted generation. i’ve been thinking about a similar list for a long time, but possibly could not make it without categories. :)

  • damage

    yep, had categ problems here as well, will need to post “most important ambient albums”, “most important occult schranz with female vox albums” and “most important even my parents who listen to coil and aphex twin couldn’t put up with these albums” compilations as well :)

  • http://www.sminktippek.info Smink

    Anyám, elő kell kotorni egy két régi albumot asszem. Ettől a bejegyzéstől kedvet kaptam hozzá.dejólesz,dejólesz :)

  • http://sesam.hu SeSam

    Zseniális, a Verliebtet mennyit hallgattam kazettán… :]

    Az én listám: http://sesam.hu/2010/08/30/15-albums/

  • http://attackoftheserver.com chlordane

    whoa, what an excellent list.

    I would add:

    Source Direct
    Roni Size