repo! the genetic opera: more footage available

The comic value is a murderer and a rapist.” Seriously. Repo: The Genetic Opera! has been one twisted piece of work that we’ve been expecting for quite some time and thank God, heaps of smart and relevant footage appears on YouTube, thanks to user Eftelsander who started posting excerpts and trailers like *snap snap* rapidfire. Surgery graft fetish boytoys, Paris Hilton cunt injections, future sluts and sleazy kink all the way. Check the “Zydrate Anatomy” scene above, below, a brief behind-the-scenes with Ogre of Skinny Puppy.

  • http://tuzfeszek.freeblog.hu oizys

    man… this is so bad. :D chicks are fine, costumes and makeups are fine, but this singing thing kills. X)

  • cpatmorf

    Paris Hilton and Ogre together in a musical. WTF???