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Hello, cyberpunks, rivetheads, industrial-and-experimental-lovers and weird-people. This blog was more or less a wasteland in 2k15 – content was posted on Facebook or Instagram with a lot of time idly spent in front of a keyboard trying to warp up THAT BEST BASSLINE. …

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q3apd: generate art with quake 3 arena

Submitted by on January 21, 2008 – 15:35




q3apd was a project developed in 2003 by Steven Pickles and Julian Oliver to expose the events in a game of Quake3 Arena, whether multiplayer or otherwise, to external programs used by artists to the ends of making music, graphical art or controlling mechanical events. It is the belief of the artists that the richness of activity in a 3D computer games is ripe for aesthetic and scientific investigation, merely needing some means of getting that information out of the game and into another tool.

In this installation the movement, position, health, viewangle and item status of 4 software agents in combat was sent to the synthesis environment Pure Data and used to make an auralisation of activity in the arena: a musical re-presentation of the flows and gestures of artifical life in combat. (via)