GHOST IN THE SHELL: a króm kegyelemkettes [Hungarian review]

Messziről kezdem, hosszú leszek, mint a Kuang Eleven. Filmrecenziót írni duplán jutalomjáték: rásütheted bármire, hogy szar, aztán beszaladhatsz a szabad véleménynyilvánítás polkorrektre szopott indoka mögé, akár értesz ahhoz, amit írsz, akár nem. Nehezebb már úgy recenziót írni, hogy nem ismeretlenek a gyártás körülményei: akár azért, mert pontosan tudod, hogy az adott film hogy készült; akár… Keep Reading


planetdamage: this was 2016

It’s time to wrap up 2016 and launch it as the renegade torpedo it was. Most of the yearly summaries I came across called 2k16 a horrible, woe-ridden suckery and most of it actually was – even when I wasn’t really touched by those dozens of celebrities passing away. Still, most of this year was what Roman… Keep Reading


planetdamage.LIFESIGN (July 2016)

Hello from The Lodge. This is goths-under-the-stones season here, AC’s raging and I dip my cornea in coffee on an hourly basis to stay awake in a torrent of bad stuff happening with the worst timing. If you’re not new here, you’ve already realized nothing’s really changed here. Woes aside, join me for another round… Keep Reading


Planetdamage featured on The Cage 23!

Just one week after releasing “Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto“, FIREWALLS (my most synthwaveish track ever written) was featured on Martin Bowes’ compilation Cage 23. If you’re not really aware of Martin’s endeavours (apart from him being the driving force behind Attrition and Engram), he’s running the label TWO GODS and he has a studio… Keep Reading

Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto

You might have stumbled into it in the header area, but if you haven’t: my first EP is out. “Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto” has been in the making for something like one and a half years – definitely wasn’t one of my fast-moving projects but hey, it is now officially out, freely streamable and/or… Keep Reading


REVIEW: Angelspit – Cult of Fake

TL;DR Angelspit finally made a club stomper album. Weird chord progressions, but very stompable, lyrics are golden Angelspit quality, very solid. Great musical surprises. Buy this baby now. It’s quite the turn on-tune in-cop out experience to follow the industrial riot PA Angelspit, three steps behind, ears open. I got to know Zoog around the project’s early… Keep Reading


Cinematic Series Vol. 2: Hacked Society Sample Pack REVIEW

There’s a fair amount of sample packs conveying tough-ass industrial pounding or subtle microglitches trickling down your spine, but this one pack definitely stands out from the crowd that has CYBERPUNK written all over it. Lhasa Mencur‘s pack aptly named Cinematic Series Vol 2.:Hacked Society is in the smack middle of a fight between Deus Ex… Keep Reading


planetdamage.LIFESIGN (April 2016)

It’s time to remove the stealth implant, otherwise I’ll forget I can switch it off and I’ll drown in the realm of Lost in Time and Space. (That’s a Lovecraftian board gaming reference right there.) It’s been four months(ish) that I last cared about having a blog and the reasons for the radio silence are… Keep Reading


Music Players for Android that Every Music Fan Should Know

Music players are undoubtedly one of the most important apps on any mobile phone. They help ensure you can get lost in your chosen sounds as you go about your daily activities. With music, everything seems a little better, from workouts to gaming. These days, poker games on PlayStation feature incredible music, the soundtracks on… Keep Reading


REVIEW: Architect – Neon EP (2015)

TL;DR Get this and let it grow in your head. If it feels out of place, that’s good, you’ll appreciate the little details in due time. This is not neon. This is blue and grey, far from the strobe lights – this is the dark corner at the partyplace behind the big granite column where… Keep Reading


pd.LIFESIGN (2015 march)

Do you know that painting that has a monstrous, green biotrain swooshing and screaming on its tracks straight into oblivion with the Pripyat wheel in the background? It is also stiff in all the wrong places and there’s an orgy in the background with people and things, I guess, but if I don’t remember well,… Keep Reading


NEW MUSIC: a remix for Clayfeet

Blog-fast ends now! I’m quite happy to announce that I’m nearing completion of several projects I’ve been working on for the past few months. One of them, one completely finished, is a remix I did for a Hungarian alternative/new wave/dark pop group named CLAYFEET: we met through my long-time partner-in-absurd Dawe_, started talking about DAWs… Keep Reading



Weekly news recap from Planet://Damage, a magnet of cyberpunk, glitch, music production and anything else that can look black and neon-tinted at the same time. Enjoy your stay. This week’s “best find” title goes hands down to the Mothmeister duo. Their seriously thwarted taxidermy photos depict a world not unlike the one I’m working on… Keep Reading



Weekly news recap from Planet://Damage, a magnet of cyberpunk, glitch, music production and anything else that can look black and neon-tinted at the same time. Enjoy your stay. Scarlett Johansson is reported to play Motoko Kusanagi in DreamWorks’ live-action reinterpretation of GHOST IN THE SHELL and boy, did that raise an army of haters on… Keep Reading


this was 2014: dreams in pockets

i have a hyper-velocity religion metric rack i caught the centre bullet first and i wonder what i’m going through It’s been a blink of a blind eye, 2014. I’ve succumbed to the whole fiftyfiftyish conundrum this year: [there’s a good side to bad and a bad side to good to equalish amounts, so all… Keep Reading


NEW MUSIC: Glitch Baby Go

Hello, friends, stalkers, random link waltzers, intelligence community ninjas and various demons with Minimoog filters as their filth neurons. On top of the page there’s a new track called GLITCH BABY GO that I did – something I was basically working on in September (apart from a load of freelance design & script works for… Keep Reading

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