The net is vast and infinite and it just gave a me a five-seconds window to the realm of Niigata-based bizarro-writer Made in DNA. Hello there, friendly bastard, I like your twitterfiction and you just gave me another powerboost to research deeper into burst culture. But more about that later, really.

Made in DNA is apparently a telephone stall with a backup speaker (look at his myspace, not lying here) but he’s got quite a hefty collection of outlets – JunkDNA fiction, for starters (that’s a tumblr with lots of fragmented literature, Headshots with Free Headshots for a LIMITED Time is quite a beast) and he’s also publishing to Burst Fiction – which is about brief blirps, really, short stories of 1000 characters or less (if you know the Hungarian writer István Örkény and his concept of one-minute prose, you’re getting there – but this is just for cultural blasé, really. SMS-prose drives the point home as well).

No, we have more, because the telephone of Truth is on a diet of pills the size of baby heads and his cum is sizzling with mescaline drops that kickstart the pain when they meat the urethra. Really, I’ve seen it on the internet, we have separate webcams just for these kinds of things. You also have a Twitterfeed of his fiction Bukkake Brawl at junkdnafiction, which is a very raw piece of work in terms of literary mechanisms and even rawer in terms of approximating it to how we process TV material – and also very, very similar to processing manga. Read this to know how much you can cramp into one image. Make your own. Grow your wings. (And you can read it at his myspace blog, too.) And finally some non-fiction by him about his life in Japan, the blog Moped Ronin. (And order his Media Whores ebook for a $.)