STRAY SIGNAL EP (February 1st, 2018) Stray Signal, the latest EP by Planetdamage reflects on the notion that there is nothing inherently wrong with technology – it’s humans that keep messing things up. On the new EP you have four original electro-industrial tracks and some remixes to go with it – by none other than Angelspit, Leaether Strip and Der Prosector!  (Released on Two Gods Records, entry on Discogs.) Official music video Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi. Stage attire is Y.LD Clothing by Dora Mojzes. Special thanks go to Andris Ban and Sinred for all the awesome assistance they gave. Video recorded at Silens Photo & Style. Skullwork is by Bebek’s Creations. Stream and support Stray Signal by Planetdamage As with all Planetdamage releases, it features a Bandcamp-only audio commentary, available upon purchase. Credits Tracks 1-4 written and produced by Mariusz Bari at The Lodge HQ. Vocals and lyrics on all tracks by Mariusz Bari, additional vocals on track 5 by Sophia. Track 5 remixed by Zoog von Rock / Angelspit. Track 6 remixed by Claus Larsen / Leaether Strip. Track 7 remixed by Der Prosector. “Stray Signal” mixed and mastered at The Cage Studios by Martin … Continue reading Music