NAVIGATE THIS PAGE FASTER RELEASE: Hi Rez Lo Life EP | RELEASE: Stray Signal EP | RELEASE: Angst 2CDEP | RELEASE: Angst EP | RELEASE: Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto EP | MUSIC VIDEO: Hi Rez Lo Life | MUSIC VIDEO: Vex | MUSIC VIDEO: Angst | MUSIC VIDEO: Firewalls | Compilation appearances | Extra releases and collabs | Remix appearances | Radio, podcast and playlist appearances | Reviews & interviews HI REZ LO LIFE EP (January 11th, 2019) Hi Rez Lo Life, the latest EP by Planetdamage is a reflection of 2018’s privacy scandals through the eyes of a disillusioned cyberpunk. These four tracks sum up his messages about misused technology, glitched humanity and the lack of a long-term strategy for humankind, even re-evaluating vocals on retouched versions of Vex and The Mark. (Released on Black Pill Red Pill.) Album cover/artwork/photo: Richard Besenczi. Official music video Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi. Stream and Support< Hi Rez Lo Life by Planetdamage Credits Tracks 1-4 written by Mariusz Bari at the Lodge HQ. Lyrics and vocals by Mariusz Bari. Mixing, mastering and additional producerly work by Krisztián Árvai. STRAY SIGNAL EP (February 1st, 2018) Stray Signal reflects on … Continue reading Music